Jakob Brennan-Purtill

For as long as I can remember I have always been drawing or doodling. The oldest memory I have is of when I drew a picture of my Dad and I as rock stars for Father’s day. 19 years later that drawing is still hanging in the living room. As the years have gone by I have been improving my drawing skills as well as go through dozens of sketchbooks.Originally I wanted to pursue a future in fine arts however, I realized having a career in the fine arts probably wouldn’t be the best for me financially. So instead I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Graphic design and incorporate my style into what I make. After graduation, I plan to do more free lance work first to add to my portfolio before getting a full-time graphic design job.

What I Offer


Illustrative Skills
I love to draw as I mentioned previously I have been sketching and refining my technique over the course of my life


I devote all my time to a project I make time to research , create mulitiple roughs and semi comps and refining the final product


I will always a deadline
no matter what. If that means I spend a sleepless 24 hours to get a project done, I will


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